Year 6 Transition Hub

We hope your move from Primary school to Secondary school will be a happy and exciting time, but we also know that most of you will not really know what to expect when you get here.

Useful Pages

Below are a few pages you may find useful when first starting at the academy.

Ask us a Question

If you have any concerns or questions about starting secondary school that have not been answered on the year 6 transition portal, please don't hesitate to contact us and our Year 6 Transition Coordinator will be happy to answer them for you.

Please email your questions for the attention of Mrs Chapman to:

Title your email: Year 6 Transition Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting a new school can be a little scary if you don't know what to expect. To help overcome any concerns you may have, we have outlined some questions and concerns that some of our current students had before joining us along with some of their advice for you.

MAKING NEW FRIENDS  - I'm worried about making new friends

"Its not hard making new friends at Ingleby Manor School, everyone is so friendly and welcoming and I made new friends that came from different primary schools to me on my first day"

"Don't worry you will make friends in your tutor group and in you subject lessons, you will also get a chance to meet new people and see friends from other classes at break, lunch and during clubs and activities"

"I have lots of friends at school which makes things fun and exciting"

"I was very worried before I started Ingleby Manor as I didn't know anyone. When I arrived everyone was so nice and some of the older girls showed me around and looked after me until I felt better"

"I made loads of new friends on transition day which made it more exciting when I started as we couldn't wait to see each other again"

GETTING LOST - What if I can't find my way around school

"At first the school seemed massive but you quickly get used to it"

"Everyone is really nice and approachable and is happy to help you if you can't find where you need to go"

"You will get a map of the school when you arrive which will help you know where each class is"

"If you are unsure about where to go, ask a member of staff who are really friendly and happy to help" 


"Everyone has to wear a uniform so we all look the same, this stops me worrying about my clothes"

"Be yourself, everyone is different with different tastes and people don't judge you on your fashion"

"Wearing a uniform stops me worrying about what to wear everyday"

"The uniform at Ingleby Manor School is very smart and everyone is proud to wear it" 

EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS - What am I going to need?

"You will be given a school planner and a timetable when you arrive"

"Make sure you always have a pen, pencil, ruler, rubber and a reading book with you"

"You will have to bring your PE kit with you to school each day but you can rent a locker to store it" 

TEACHERS - What will my teachers be like?

"The teachers are really friendly and helpful"

"All the staff in school are approachable and willing to help you"

"You will have a Tutor and a Head of Year who are there to support you, I really like mine"

"You have to work hard but the teachers help you if you are struggling" 

FRIENDS - Will I be with my friends?

"The school try to put you with at least one friend from your primary school in your tutor group"

"I am with some of my friends in my tutor group but I see different people in lessons and have made lots of new friends as a result of this"

"I didn't know anyone when I joined the school and my tutor was aware and helped me make new friends from the first day"

"You will see your friends at break and lunch time each day" 

OLDER STUDENTS - Will the older kids boss me around?

"Everyone is really nice"

"When I first started, everyone seemed so big and scary but once I got to know people I found that everyone was friendly"

"Some of my new friends are from older year groups"

"When I got stuck with some work, one of the older kids helped me out" 

PERFORMANCE - What if I am not good at something?

"Teachers are always happy to help"

"There are teaching assistants in school that help some kids who are struggling"

"Don't be afraid to ask questions if you need help"

"Don't worry nobody knows everything, just do your best" 

LOST PROPERTY - What if I lose something?

"There are lost property boxes in the changing rooms in PE"

"Make sure you have your name on all your stuff, it helps to find it if it goes missing"

"I got a locker when I started so I didn't have to carry all my stuff with me everywhere"


  • Lockers are available in school for students to rent. These are large enough to store bags, coats and equipment.
  • The rental cost of a locker is £10.
  • Payments for locker rentals are to be made through your child's ParentPay account.
  • Students who have rented a locker will keep it for the duration of the time they are a student at Ingleby Manor School.
  • Each student renting a locker will be allocated a locker number and a combination padlock.
  • Students are asked to choose their own combination for their lock.
  • Students are responsible for the safekeeping of their padlock.