Ingleby Manor School Uniform

At Ingleby Manor Free School we expect every student and member of staff to achieve the highest standards they are capable of, in every sphere of school life. High standards of personal presentation and correct wearing of uniform are important and can make a significant contribution to our ethos of mutual respect throughout the school. We encourage all students and staff to take pride in their personal presentation including having suitable haircuts and hairstyles, smart attire correctly worn, and appropriately discrete make-up and jewellery. If you have any queries or would like advice about any aspect of our uniform and presentation policy, then please ask any member of the school staff – we will be pleased to help.

We have designed our uniform to be smart and practical and have consulted widely with our suppliers at Elizabeth’s Embroidery and Motif 8, our Trustees, founding families, staff and the wider community.

Being Presentable at ALL Times

All students in Year 7-11 are required to wear the school uniform. Blazers must be worn, with shirts tucked in at ALL TIMES. School jumpers can be worn under their blazer.

In classes, school blazers can be removed with the approval of the class teacher. On very hot days, the Principal may notify students that they are allowed to remove their blazers. On such occasions, blazers must be carried and never forced into bags or tied around the waist.

Blazers must always be worn on corridors and when entering or leaving the school grounds at the start and end of the day.

House Identity

Upon starting at Ingleby Manor School each student is assigned to a House Group of which they will stay part of until they leave us in Year 11. Our House groups are based on the ships of Captain Cook who is a world-famous explorer, born in the local area.

House groups serve a number of purposes, from bringing students together across each year group, creating a community spirit, encouraging competition and developing leadership opportunities.

In addition, it is also important to quickly be able to clearly identify students based on their house group in the event of a fire or incident. To enable this to happen, all students have been issued with a badge in the colour of their house group to wear on their blazer lapel. This badge now forms a mandatory part of the school uniform.

House Groups & Badge Colours

  • Resolution (identified as Red)
  • Eagle (identified as Orange)
  • Endeavour (identified as Purple)
  • Adventure (identified as Yellow)
  • Discovery (identified as Blue)

The final decision with regard to all issues relating to uniform will be made by the Principal.

Girl Uniform
Boy Uniform
Navy blue blazer with school logoNavy blue blazer with school logo
School clip on tieSchool clip on tie
White office style shirt with a collar suitable for a tie (no polo shirts)White office style shirt with a collar suitable for a tie (no polo shirts)
Charcoal grey trousers (no cling style trousers e.g. leggings or combats/ chinos) OR charcoal grey knee length skirt
(skirt must be knee length and non figure hugging)
Charcoal grey trousers (no combats/ chinos) OR charcoal grey knee length shorts
Plain flat polishable or patent leather black shoes – block heel style, maximum height 3cm (no pumps, trainers or kitten heels)Plain flat, polishable or patent leather black shoes (no trainers)
Plain black, charcoal grey or white socks, or plain black, charcoal grey or navy blue tights (over the knee socks are not permitted)Plain grey or black socks
School bag – sufficiently robust and able to fit an A4 folder insideSchool bag – sufficiently robust and able to fit an A4 folder inside
PE Kit
  • School colours sports shirt
  • Plain navy sports socks
  • School colours shorts or skort
  • Training shoes or sports boots
  • Plain navy tracksuit bottoms (sports logos or designs are not permitted) or School colours tracksuit bottoms 
  • School colours hoodie or plain Navy Hoody (sports logos of designs are not permitted)

Students wearing clothing associated with religious belief should, where possible, adhere to the school’s colour scheme.

Jewellery and Hairstyles

Our aim is to establish a culture of respect and hard work and as such we plan to remove avoidable distractions with the following guidelines:

Hairstyles should be sensible and hair colour should be natural. Please check with your child’s Learning Manager before considering any dramatic changes to style and colour. No patterns should be shaved into hairstyles.
Hair accessories should be discreet and in dark colours e.g. black or blue.
No scarves or bandanas (unless for religious reasons).

Jewellery – No jewellery is allowed except a wristwatch and a Medic Alert necklace/bracelet. Smart Watches are not permitted. If any student is thinking about having piercings, this should be done at the start of the summer holidays as no student will be allowed to wear any type of piercing whilst in the academy.

Nails – Nail polish is not allowed. False/Acrylic/Gel nails are also not allowed.

Makeup – Any makeup worn by students should be very discreet. Students will be asked to remove makeup if not discreet. Eyebrows and eyelashes should be natural with no patterns/no shavings/no enhancements

Mobiles are not allowed in the academy. They must be out of sight in students’ bags and switched off until students cross the blue line at 3:30pm.

Coats & Hoodies

Coats must be plain with only small discreet logos permitted. Denim and Leather coats are not permitted.

Coats & Hoodies must be removed upon entering the school building.

Mobile Phones

Students are responsible for their own property whilst in school.

For students that bring Mobile phones to school, they must have them turned off and stored either in their bag or locker for the duration of the school day.

Students found using mobile phones in school will have them confiscated and a parent will be contacted to collect them.

Students who wish to contact home during the school day can do so by asking a member of staff in students services or their Learning Manager. Students should NOT be using their own mobile phones during the day to contact home.


**School shoes must be of formal style, plain black and able to be polished or patent leather without any other colour or unacceptable embellishments (Large / Coloured Buckles, Large / Coloured Tassels, Large / Coloured Bows) . Heels and trainers are not permitted.

We would recommend that before making a purchase, that you check with school to determine if the chosen footwear would be deemed appropriate.

Examples of appropriate footwear

Skirts & Trousers

**School Skirts must be Charcoal Grey and knee Length. Knitted and figure hugging skirts are not permitted.

**Trousers must be Charcoal Grey and tailored. Leggings are not permitted


Uniform Providers 

Motif 8 Embroidery & Print Ltd
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Tel – 01642 601501

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Elizabeth Embroidery
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Online ordering from Elizabeth embroidery is available via the below link

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