Welcome to Ingleby Manor School

We want all new students and parents/carers coming to Ingleby Manor Free School to feel excited and comfortable when they arrive here. As you cannot currently come for a visit in person we have put together a few photographs from places around school to enable you to see what the school looks like. We have also included a day in the life of a student at Ingleby Manor School.

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Below are the layouts of each floor

G – Ground Floor

F – First Floor

S – Second Floor

Entering & Leaving SchoolSchool Dining Hall
There are two ways for students to enter and leave the school grounds.These are: – The front gate adjacent to the main reception.  – The other is the back gate opposite the Ingleby Mill Primary School.Upon arrival, students will cross the blue line into the building where they will be met by a member of SLT and have their planner checked. They will also leave the same way.Students have the option of both hot and cold food each day at lunch. Meals consist of a main course, salad bar and a dessert. Lunches are served in the main dining hall.Students paying for school lunches will pay using the biometric scan of their thumb which is linked to their ParentPay account and each lunch taken will debit their account
LRC (Learning Resource Centre)Main Hall & Activity Studio
On the top floor we have an LRC where students can spend time studying, working on the computer, reading books in the library or being part of small intervention groups
We have a large main hall equipped with bleecher seating where we hold assemblies, presentation evenings and school shows.Students also use this for performing arts and PE classes. The activity studio is a smaller room with wall to wall mirrors, ideal for all the budding actors and dancers to practice.
Learning ManagersFood
Learning Managers are non teaching heads of year.We have five Learning Managers, each assigned to a year group.From September 2020 they will be assigned as follows:Mrs Chapman – Year 7Mr Cole – Year 8Mrs Barwick- Year 9Mrs MacKay – Year 10Mr McMahon – Year 11Learning Managers help students with any worries, behaviours, performance and overall experience at IMFS. Although most of the time they are out and about around school, they can be located in their offices on the first and second floors.Our catering team makes food daily on site to cater for everyones dietry requirements.Each student has a 30 minute lunchFresh food is available to purchase at breakfast, break and lunchtimeThere is a breakfast club that operates from 7.30am for students to purchase breakfast items in school before the start of the school day.
ToiletsPE Department
There are both male and female toilet blocks on each floor of the school.There are also additional toilets in the PE department along with individual toilets that are suitable for students that have disabilities.

Sports at Ingleby Manor School can take place in multiple areas. These include: – The MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) – School Field – Sports Hall- Sports HallStudents change into their PE kit in the designated changing rooms.
Getting Around SchoolClassrooms
Ingleby Manor School is based in one building with classrooms spread over three floors.There are signs throughout the school assisting students to locate where they need to be.Hallways are wide allowing students to move throughout the school easily and efficiently.There is a central staircase in the atrium and two additional staircases at either end of the building.Most classrooms can accommodate up to 30 students and are located in departments across each floor of the school. Each classroom has a number and a letter to identify your location.These locations will show on the students timetable also so they know where to go.Classrooms are prefixed with a letterG – Ground floorF – First FloorS -Second floor
Around SchoolAround School
We want all our new students to enjoy and feel comfortable in their new environment. Here are some more pictures from around our school.Welcome to Ingleby Manor Free School
School Toilets
Dining Hall
Assembly Hall
Sports Hall
Changing Rooms
1st Floor Hallway
2nd Floor Hallway
Bike Sheds
School Field