Art Club

Having an art club is a great way to keep students involved throughout the year in the arts allowing them to be creative outside of the curriculum. Although some students have chosen art as one of their options, some have not but still enjoy doing art as a hobby. Our Art Club will allow students from all year groups to be creative and to try new things. It’s a great place to make new friends that enjoy the same art as much as you.

Students will have the opportunity to join an after school arts club that will run in a 6 week cycle. During this time, students may undertake photography, graphic design, fine art, pottery, textiles among other things.

Details on what art club will be running, how to sign up, costs and requirements will be provided to students during the year.

Members of our Art club may also have the opportunity to help with set designs for our performing art productions, paint murals around school as well as with the creation of decorations and promotional material for school events and festive celebrations.