Year 11

Latest update on how students will be Assessed - Summer 2021

Click here for more information on how Qualifications will be awarded in Summer 2021

121 Mentors

Students in year 11 are allocated a teacher or a member of the Senior leadership team as a 121 mentor. Mentors regularly liase with students, track their progress and provide guidance and support where required.

Careers Support

Careers support and guidance is provided by the Careers Lead (Mr Rea) along with Careers Inc. Each student is given the opportunity to attend 121 sessions with the careers advisor remotely via Microsoft Teams. For more information on the Careers support provision, click on the link below:

For more Information on Careers click here

Patoral & Mental Health Support

Students have regular contact with their Learning Manager and receive support from the pastoral function as a whole.

The link below provides further information to support students Mental Wellbeing

For more information on Mental Health support, click here