Privacy Notice - Students


As your school we need to use information about you. We do this for a number of reasons. This form tells you what information we use about you and why we use it. It is very important that information about you is kept safe. We explain below how the school keeps your information safe.

If you want to know anything about what we do with information about you, then please ask your teacher, or speak to your parent/carer and ask them to contact the Academy. We also have a person called the Data Protection Officer who works with your Academy. They can answer questions you have about what the school does with your information. If you or your parent/carer want to speak to them, then you can contact them via:

Policy Statement

During your time with us, we will use information that we gather in relation to you for various purposes.

Information that we hold in relation to you is known as "personal data".

This will include data that we obtain from you directly and data about you which we obtain from other people and organisations.

We might also need to continue to hold your personal data for a period of time after you have left the school.

Anything that we do with your personal data is known as "processing".

This document sets out what personal data we will hold about you, why we process that data, who we share this information with, and your rights in relation to your personal data processed by us.

What information do we use about you?

We will collect, hold, share and otherwise use information about you set out below:

 Name


 Telephone and email contact details


 Date of Birth


 Address


 Assessment information


 Details of previous/future schools


 Unique pupil number


 Behavioural information


 Language(s)


 Eligibility for free school meals


 Attendance information


 CCTV images


 Where you go to after you leave school


 Photographs

Where do we get this information from?

We get this information from:

 you;

 your parents/carers;

 teachers and other staff; and

 people from other organisations, like doctors or the local authority, for example.

Why do we use this information?

We use this information for lots of reasons, including:

 to make sure that we give you a good education and to support you during your time at our school;

 to monitor and report on your progress;

 to make sure that we are able to address and support any educational, health or social needs you may have;

 to make sure everyone is treated fairly and equally;

 to keep you and everyone at the school safe and secure;

 to deal with any emergencies involving you;

 to celebrate your achievements;

 to provide reports and additional information to your parents/carers

 to assess the quality of our services;

 to comply with the law regarding data sharing.

Some of these things we have to do by law. Other things we do because we need to so that we can run the school. The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) provide a framework of Articles about the use of personal data. We have included a cross reference to the relevant Articles in the information below.

The use of your information for these purposes is lawful for the following reasons:

 We are under a legal obligation to collect the information or the information is necessary for us to meet legal requirements, such as our duty to safeguard pupils. (Article 6, c)


 It is necessary for us to hold and use your information for the purposes of providing schooling and so we can look after our pupils. This function is in the public interest because everybody needs to have an education. (Article 6,e)

 Sometimes we need permission to use your information. This includes taking pictures or videos of you to be used on our website or in the newspaper. Before we do these things we will ask you, or if necessary your parent/carer, for permission. (Article 6,a)

 If you give your consent, you may change your mind at any time.

 If we think that you will not understand what we are asking then we will ask your parent or carer instead. Usually, we will involve your parents even if you can make your own decision.

When we collect personal information on our forms, we will make it clear whether there is a legal requirement for you / your parents/carers to provide it, whether there is a legal requirement on the school / academy trust to collect it. If there is no legal requirement then we will explain why we are asking for it, how we plan to use it and provide an alternative if you chose not to provide consent.

Why do we use special category personal data?

We may need to use the information about you which is special (mentioned above) where there is a specific interest to do so, for example health and social care purposes (Article 9 h) or to provide you with equal opportunities and treatment (Article 9,g) We will also use this information where you have given us permission to do so (Article9,a).There may also be circumstances where we need to use your information in relation to legal claims (Article 9 f) , or to protect your vital interests and where you are unable to provide your consent (Article 9 c).

How long will we hold information in relation to our pupils?

We will hold information relating to you only for as long as necessary. How long we need to keep to any information will depend on the type of information. Where you change school we will usually pass your information to your new school. If you would like more information about how long we keep information, please ask for a copy of our Personal Data Retention Policy. When we no longer need to retain information, we will destroy or delete it in a secure manner.

Who will we share pupil information with?

We will normally give information about you to your parents or your main carer. Where appropriate, we will listen to your views first. We will also take family circumstances into

account, in particular where a Court has decided what information a parent is allowed to have.

We will not give information about our pupils to anyone without your consent unless the law and our policies allow us to do so.

We may share information about you with:

 other schools or educational institutions you may attend or require support from Local Authorities, to assist them in the exercise of their responsibilities in relation to education and training, youth support and safeguarding purposes;

 the Department for Education and ESFA, as required by the law;

 contractors, to enable them to provide an effective service to the school, such as school meal providers or external tutors;

 non-LA professionals, medical professionals, educational psychologists, school nurse, school Counsellor or CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service);

 education and homework software systems. Depending on your school, this may include systems to help you practice timetables and spelling, to help with homework or revision in GCSE subjects or to show you reward points you have earned at school. These systems relate to our public task to provide you with an education. If you would prefer to do these activities without using the systems your school has put in place, please let your teacher know and we will arrange an alternative for you;

 our chosen independent careers services, Careers Inc. The information that is shared allows the careers advisor to provide informed and tailored guidance and advice to each pupil.

The information disclosed to these people / services may include sensitive personal information about you. Usually this means information about your health and any special educational needs or disabilities which you have. We do this because these people need the information so that they can support you.

A parent / carer can request that only their child’s name, address and date of birth be passed to the local authority by informing the Principal. This right is transferred to the child once he / she reaches the age 16.

The DfE may also share information about pupils that we give to them, with other people or organisations. This will only take place where the law, including the law about data protection allows it. If you would like more information about the department’s data sharing process, please visit:

If you would like information about the organisations the department has shared pupil information with and why, please visit the following website:

You can contact the DfE via :

Keeping this information safe

It is very important that only people who need to use your information can see it. The school keeps you information safe by:

 Encryption and password protection

 Network controlled permissions

 Secure disposal

 We do not normally transfer your information to a different country, which is outside the European Economic Area.

Your rights in relation to your information

You can ask to see the information we hold about you. If you wish to do this you should contact the Academy Office or you can email

You also have the right to:

 object to what we are doing with your information;

 have inaccurate or incomplete information about you amended;

 ask us to stop doing certain things with your information in some cases;

 ask that decisions about you are not made using automatic systems;

 claim against the school in certain circumstances where you have suffered as a result of the school breaching your data protection rights

 ask us to transfer your information to another organisation in a format that makes it easy for them to use.

 change your mind, if we have asked for your consent to use your personal data.

If you would like to do any of the above, you can speak to the Academy Office or you can email The school does not have to meet all of your requests and we will let you know where we are unable to do so.


If you are concerned about how we are using your personal data then you can speak to the Academy Office or you can email, or if necessary you or your parent/ carer can contact an outside agency - the Information Commissioner’s Office who could also help at