Overview - Year 8 Home Study work

Year 8 Home Study Work


Students have been provided with tasks on PC Basics and Web Awareness. Task sheets are available on Teams. Students can pick which tasks they would like to complete from a 'menu' that is divided into four levels of difficulty from beginner to expert. Tasks can be submitted to class teachers through Teams for feedback.


Maths work will be set on both the Delta Student Home Classroom and Hegarty
Maths. Pupils should complete both. There will be a lesson per day on the Student Home Classroom. Pupils should read through the slides and answer the questions, marking their work using the answers provided. Associated Hegarty Maths clips ([hegartymaths.com hegartymaths.com) will be set to support the daily lesson. Pupils need to watch the video, make notes, and then attempt the questions, referring to their notes and the video if required. If pupils need additional help they can leave feedback for their teachers on Hegarty Maths, contact their teachers on Teams or emailmaths@inglebymanorschool.org.uk.


The overview of remote learning for Y7 and Y8 has a primary focus on maintaining and building skills that will enable students to pick up learning easily once back into school. We cannot emphasise enough the power of reading: accessing books, kindle texts, online texts will only benefit students’ vocabulary, imagination and ability to structure their thinking and writing.

BBC Bitesize offers lots of guidance with any basic skills – from primary school level upwards – to assist in ‘warming up’ those students that require a little more help.

Work that is accessed via the timetable on the school website is set centrally. This work is aimed at offering students access to a variety of texts and maintain and develop skills in comprehension, inference and writing. This should be the first ‘port of call’ for students.

Following on from this, we have a variety of work on Microsoft Teams (Y8 English class book > files > class materials) to further enhance and extend students’ learning. Please find the suggested order of completion below:

- Y8 Skills Boost (Y7/Y8 intervention booklet for students who require any additional support)

- Y8 Cirque de Freak

- Y8 Poetry Through The Ages

- Summer Term Y8 Poetry booklet

- Non-Fiction Media Texts


- The Red Room and Farthing House Short Story comparison (these are ghost stories)


Students should send any work that they require assistance with and/or feedback on to their respective English teacher. This can be done by e-mail to english@inglebymanorschool.org.uk or via Microsoft Teams, where it can be uploaded to students’ class folder or direct to their English teacher via the ‘chat’ option.


Spanish work can be found on the school website following the timetables in the online classroom. All the work is also published every Monday on teams via Year 8 Spanish Home Learning Team.

There are two types of tasks set for students:

Tasks set on Languagenut.com: students are assigned the tasks directly on the website.

All other types of tasks: tasks and instructions are explained on Teams. Work to be sent to Mrs Salahshouri and/or Miss Beadnall via Teams.



Work is set through the online timetable accessed via the school website. These lessons lead pupils through a recap and review of our learning on the story of electoral reform in the UK since 1830, looking at the Great Reform Act and the campaign for Women’s suffrage. The next topic is the USA in the 1920s & 30s – the impact of WWI on USA, the ‘Roaring 20s’ and the concept of ‘Boom to Bust’.

Further topics will follow in line with our KS3 history curriculum. Work should be shared with their class teachers through ‘TEAMS’ – where pupils have access to their class teachers. They can ask for any help with their work by simply messaging the appropriate member of staff.

Look out for extended learning history projects also; these will be shared in the subject folders on the school website as well as through TEAMS.


Work that has been set for KS3 art during the lockdown. The project is a 6 week project titled ‘Me and My World’. Each week students were asked to focus on a different subject matter. Students will be working on a new project which is a lot more self-directed. Students are to pick one the of the 10 different tasks to complete that week. Students are to send their work through to the Year 7 and Year 8 Teams page.

Every student that uploads work will receive Manor Marks. Feedback and praise is also given via Teams. Outstanding work will be uploaded onto twitter.