Our Curriculum Intent

We believe that every learner has potential and our purpose at IMPS is to create a learning environment which fosters motivation and aspiration and     allows every student to flourish. Learning is at the centre of all that we do and we aim to encourage a commitment to learning that is not based solely on the acquisition of knowledge but on the development of skills, attributes and values needed to encourage life-long learning.

Through our Teaching and Learning strategy we aim to:

  • Ensure that all teachers have bespoke Continuing Professional Development so that classroom practice is in line with the expectations for ‘outstanding’ lessons and that pedagogy is current and innovative
  • Encourage reflection and refinement of teaching practice through accurate assessment which is the foundation for future planning and teaching
  • Teach with common goals to ensure consistency across all curriculum     areas
  • Provide a framework to develop literacy, numeracy and metacognition skills across the curriculum
  • Ensure that all teachers plan and deliver lessons which meet the needs of all students within the classroom
  • Teach with high aspiration in a classroom environment which is positive, caring and committed to bringing about the best outcomes for all
  • Develop autonomous learners who understand the importance of their     education in achieving their life goals
  • Develop learners who are engaged and enthusiastic who have a thirst for knowledge and challenge.