Students Return - Monday 7th September - Further Information

PE Kits

Having taken on board your feedback and concerns, it has been agreed that on the days your child has PE, they are to come to school wearing their PE Kit and this will be worn for the duration of the day. This will remove the requirement for students to use the changing rooms in school at this time.

**Please ensure that on the days your child has PE, they bring a change of footwear in case their trainers get muddy outside.


Please ensure that your child has a coat with them each day. Students will be required to go outside for both break and lunchtime.


We are aware that there have been some delays in obtaining school uniform due to the high level of demand. With this, allowances will be made in the first few weeks of term whilst these are awaiting delivery. Students will not be sanctioned during this time for not wearing the full uniform as required.


Detention times have changed due to the staggered finish times. This is to ensure that different bubbles are not leaving via the same exit at the same time. 

New times are as follows:

  •  Years 7 & 8                  3.45pm to 4.15pm
  •  Year 9, 10, & 11           3.15pm - 4.00pm


Start Times - First Day

  • Years 9,10 & 11             8.30am (school gates will open at 8.20 am for entry)
  • Years 7 & 8                    9.00am (school gates will open at 8.50am for entry)

Staff members will greet students upon arrival and direct them to the door that their year group will use to enter the school. They will then be escorted to their designated bubble areas. Years 8,9,10 & 11 will be issued 3 reusable facemasks upon arrival. Year 7 have been issued theirs today and are to bring them with them.

Year 7 and New Students

Students joining us in year 7 and new students joining us in other year groups will have their formal school photo taken on Monday 7th September by Tempest photography. These will be available for purchase. Photos for other year groups will take place later in the year.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact the school either via email to or phone on tel 01642 352450