Live Lessons

Live Lessons

During the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, we want to ensure that students are able to access a variety of online learning activities, including participation in ‘live lessons’ which will provide a mixture of teaching and instruction linked to further independent study. At Ingleby Manor Free School, we will host these lessons via the Microsoft Teams platform.

Data Protection, Safety and Security
In order to access the Teams platform, students will need to share some basic personal information, including their name and agreed email address.

Robust measures will be in place to ensure that personal information is kept safe and that the framework of Articles provided in the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) is fully adhered to. In addition, details of the information required by Microsoft and associated security measures can be found by viewing their privacy notice at;

Microsoft Teams Privacy Policy

To ensure that ‘live lessons’ are accessed and delivered safely, we will implement the following actions in line with Delta requirements:

1. Parental consent is automatically provided between the parent & school via the home school agreement 
2. All staff hosting ‘live lessons’ will use Delta Trust or agreed Ingleby Manor Free School email accounts only.
3. All lessons will be sent via invitation to student’s email accounts.
4. There will be no recording of video or chat.
5. Staff and students will not share files that could contain viruses or malware.
6. Staff will not allow other users to control the screen.
7. The live lesson link will be confidential and sent to invitees only.
8. No one-to-one lessons will take place; lessons will be delivered to groups only.
Additional specific measures adopted by Ingleby Manor Free School include the following:
1. Live lesson invites will be sent to student accounts on the day prior to the session being delivered and will appear in their email account;
2. All ‘live lessons’ will be delivered by Ingleby Manor Staff working in pairs rather than alone;
3. A timetable of ‘live lessons’ will be provided in advance to students and parents, giving details of subject content with associated dates and times;
4. Sessions will last for a maximum of one hour;
5. All students will be required to use their Ingleby Manor email account to access ‘live lessons’;
6. Student registers will be taken, a welcome given and behaviour expectations set;
7. Any inappropriate behaviour leading to a call being ended will be recorded on the Academy CPoms and the DSL informed if appropriate in line with the academy behaviour and safeguarding policies.
8. Questions should be directed to the teacher and there should be no communication with other students;
9. Staff will not share any personal information with students during the session;
10. Students will be directed to suitable follow-up learning activities from the Live lesson.

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