Life Programme

The Life Programme

The Life Programme we are constantly developing and reviewing at IMFS Focuses on all the challenges our students will come across throughout their lives.

It is my firm belief that we must equip our students with as many experiences and encounters as possible that will help guide them through their everyday lives.

Life as we are all aware is a challenge and one that we must face head on . Therefore we must be prepared for all the significant moments in our lives that help us meet these moments.

Whether it be triumph, disaster, difficult choices or even the sad occasions we must be ready to understand them and be able to flourish during those moments and be the leader that we all want our students to be.

Our programme of study encompasses in detail all the ‘Life’ situations we all face on a day to day basis. I hope the students find it engaging, challenging, uplifting and ultimately fulfilling.

The School has a responsibility to prepare our Students for not only today but also for the future. Through our Life and Careers Programme we aim to do this.

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