September 5, 2022

Year 7 Students – Return Monday 5th September

  • Start time: 8.30am.

Students must arrive by no later that 8.20am and can enter by the gates at the front or rear of the school. Staff will be on duty to welcome and direct our new starters.

  • Photos

Year 7 and new students starting in other year groups will have their formal school photo taken by Tempest Photography on their first day.

  • ParentPay

Year 7 and new students starting in other year groups will be issued with ParentPay activation letters. These letters will provide parents / carers with instruction on how to set up a ParentPay account which will enable you to pay for school lunches, excursions and any other payment items. Please Note: Students will be provided lunches whilst their ParentPay account is in the process of being activated and the spend during this time will be deducted once the account is in place.

  • Planners, Timetables & Computer logon details

Students will be issued student planners and timetables upon their arrival on their first day and will be provided with all their required account information during their first week of school.

Year 8 – 11 Students – Monday 5th September

  • Start time: 10.30am

Students in years 8- 11 are to arrive at 10.30am and go directly to their Tutor room prior to starting their day. Planners and timetables will be issued upon arrival