Delivery of Remote Learning due to self-isolation or partial Bubble Closure or School Closure

Delivery of Remote Learning due to self-isolation or partial Bubble Closure or School Closure


  1. Send Bubble Closure/ Partial Closure/ School Closure Alert email. 

  2. Check information regarding devices and internet is current and pupil has access to appropriate IT equipment/internet. 

  3. Supply IT loan equipment where necessary, ensuring agreements are signed, set up and validated by IT. Where at all possible, ensure pupils leave with loan devices in preparation for the next day. Arrange for delivery if it is not possible to send these home in advance. 

  4. Supply stationery packs if requested to compliment the face-to-face teaching online. 

  5. Request E-Learning Lead support as required ensuring quality of learning. 

  6. Contact parent to outline provision and expectation for pupil to access a blend of live teaching and independent activities, share learning timetable and get agreements signed by all relevant parties. 

  7. Plan for the pupil to access learning. This will be live teaching, asynchronous or a blend depending on setting and learning need. 

  8. Create a daily timetable in line with academy policy and handbook guidance. 

  9. Ensure remote learning set up meets the safeguarding requirements set out in Academy Remote Learning Policy.

  10. Deliver remote learning in line with academy policy and handbook, monitored by Academy and Trust Leaders. 

  11. Students to access work via Microsoft Teams. Work set by subject teacher will be accessible via that subjects Class Teams.