Curriculum Delivery & Best Practice - Home Learning

Work Submission & Feedback (via Microsoft Teams)

As part of the homelearning programme, students are set work to complete independantly for their subjects. Work is set via the 'Assignments' tab within each subject Team.

Students who are isolating should upload work to the appropriate assignments page for their subject and they will receive feedback in line with their peers. In most cases, work submission will include quizes to be completed electronically, presentations or documents to be submitted or photographs of hand written / drawn work to be sent. Work submitted can then be reviewed by the subject Teacher and feedback provided.

Feedback is a fundamental part of the learning process and will vary from whole class review of a topic or assignment to individual feedback. When individual feedback is provided, this is personalised to the student.

Below is a link to the Ofsted report on what is working well with remote learning

Click here for Ofsted report on Remote Learning

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