Class of 2020 - Our Memories

“A big thank you to the big Fairhurst for making me smile every single day and he used to pretend he didn’t want to teach us but he loved us all really"

"I will miss him so much”

“Being in the panto and dancing backstage”

“food fights”

“Mandarin ”

“Inflatables and Mrs Maloy’s biscuits”

“All the sports days”

“Mr Dunning fell down the stairs”

“Climbing fences and going under electric fences and climbing hay stacks on dofe”

“I have had so many amazing times at Ingleby Manor School that will never leave me. Thank you so much”

“When I got my first Grade 9”

 “GP challenge car crash” “Homework club with Mr Day”

“First Ingleby Manor Rugby win”


“Meeting friends who have completely changed my life”

“Any lesson with Miss Young, Mr Curry or Miss Tyler – always a joy to be in. Teachers that will never be forgotten and I am glad you were part of my life”

“Normandy – a lot was exposed!”

“Poetry Fights” “First day in the new building”

“Boyo Maths lessons in the corner with Ms Steele”

“The famous word of Mr Singh –IT’S NOT A THREAT IT’S A PROMISE!”

“Meeting people who have changed my life”

“Thank you to everyone, I say I hated it but I loved it really and I will miss you all. Love you”

“Just being here”

“This school made me the person I am today. If it wasn’t for the staff I genuinely feel I would haven’t been so happy now, Going to miss you all”

“Mrs Mitchell nearly bursting a blood vessel when we collapsed the inflatables”

“I don’t have a ‘best’ memory but I have made lots of new memories and friends and I have loved ALMOST every moment – Thank you”

“I will miss everyone, whether we were friends or not, teachers and students”  

“My beard in Aladdin panto” “Dofe was just great”