About the School

Ingleby Manor Free School and Sixth Form is a relatively new 600 place secondary school (11-16) and 150 place sixth form located in Ingleby Barwick, Stockton-On-Tees. The school opened in September 2014 after a long, successful campaign by local residents and parents for a further, much-needed secondary school in the town.

It came into being through the government's Free School programme. The founding resident and community group behind the school is called Ingleby Manor Foundation Trust (IMFT), whilst our education partner is Delta Academies Trust.

As with every other state school in the UK, the school is free to attend. Opening with just year 7 in 2014/15, the school grew each year. In 2019, Year 11 students completed the first set of GCSEs.

Website link for Ingleby Manor Foundation Trust